Halloween for halloweenies

The best non scary Halloween movies to watch for this year’s quarantine Halloween

Grace Gould, Online Features Editor

Every year in October, many people rush to enjoy their favorite scary Halloween movies. But being a scaredy-cat doesn’t mean someone should have to miss out on the fun.  Below are the top five best Halloween movies for people who aren’t so excited for spooky season.

Hocus Pocus

Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts, a town known for its witchy folklore, Hocus Pocus centers around superstitious new kid Max Dennison who doesn’t believe in haunted magic. After accidentally awakening three witches on a quest for immortality, Max, his sister Dani, and their friend Allison, must work together with the help of a magical cat, to stop the sinister plot. Hocus Pocus provides the perfect Halloween thrill, and is sure to entertain watchers.

The Addams Family

Known for its catchy theme song and wacky characters, The Addams Family provides some much needed Halloween fun.  Revolving around the mysterious appearance of the long missing Fester Addams, the Addams Family is both funny and the perfect amount of spooky for a Halloween night in. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A movie that’s sure to have watchers in the Halloween spirit while also getting them thinking about Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas provides a fun stop motion take on a Halloween movie.  begins with the king of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington’s, lackluster apathy about his role of scaring people.  When he stumbles upon Christmastown he takes it upon himself to kidnap Santa Claus and assume his position. Of course these efforts go awry, much to the benefit of movie watchers who get to watch Jack’s entertaining misadventures.


A controversial pick in regards to fear, but one that is sure to excite come Halloween, Coraline is an animated movie with an entertaining plot. Bored, and tired of being the new kid, Coraline discovers a trap door that takes her to the world of her dreams.  But something sinister lies behind all the glamour of her new found paradise, and Coraline must decide whether it’s worth it or not to stay.


A DCOM (that’s Disney Channel Original Movie) classic, Halloweentown is a cute movie, perfect for staying in on the hauntedest night of the year.  When 13 year old Marnie follows her grandmother home to Halloweentown she discovers that she is a witch, and that she is in for a truly spooky adventure.