2020 with a “Special” Twist

South Park creates a “Pandemic Special” highlighting some of the key events that have happened since March

Katie Romhilt, Photography Editory

The Pandemic Special: something we all needed, but didn’t know. In its’ hilarious manner, South Park does not fail to produce many deeper messages in their satire.

Following each of the characters throughout the episode gives the insight of how kids are reacting to the all virtual school year. Cartman is thriving staying home, Stan is slowly losing his mind in isolation, Kyle who wants to go back to school, Butters needs some normalcy to keep sane, and Kenny, in normal Kenny fashion, dies.

Not only do the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, capture the younger character’s emotions about school over Zoom, they also show the economic effect Covid is having. Randy is seen walking through the main street with every business, small and large, closed.

As the episode continues, we learn that Randy is responsible for the virus, although his small business is booming. This leads him to have guilt and intervene with the scientist’s developments on a vaccine.

Once the kids go back to school, elements about the recent protests against the Police system arise. The police, who have lost all their resources, become the new teachers at school.

The first day in school, there is a mishap. In the classroom, Token, the only black kid, gets shot by his new police-teacher. Immediately rushed to the hospital, they blame the incident on the Coronairus.

Stone and Parker also comedically comment on the lack of work that our President is doing due to the pandemic.

Overall, the Pandemic Special puts a comedic, yet deep twist on the recent events surrounding our world.