McLean joins Black Lives Matter movement

This past Wednesday, the McLean community gathered to join the nationwide call to protest


Jack Shields, Editor-in-Chief

In light of the recent tragedy concerning the murder of George Floyd, and the nationwide outrage that ensued, students and community members of McLean came together to support the push for justice. Starting at McLean High School, many students found the protest and march to be a perfect way to express their feelings towards racism in the United States.

“I believe the injustice that the system is forcing onto black people is absurd, especially since me and some of my family and friends are harassed because of our skin color,” McLean graduate Hashem Alsaidi said. “Innocent people should never be harassed regardless of skin color, gender, race, or anything.”

Still adhering to safety precautions set in place due to the coronavirus, participants were happy to join a movement that they were passionate without putting themselves at high risk to COVID.

“I thought it was great that everyone could stay protected while also expressing their support for the movement,” junior Katie Rampy said. “It was a great way to bring people together for a cause that everyone is so passionate about.”

Students are hopeful that the McLean protest, like others around the country, will be able to bring change to our community.

“I hope to see people realizing that anyone can do anything and treat everyone the way you want to be treated,” Alsaidi said.

Although reform and change doesn’t happen overnight, the McLean community has shown overwhelming willingness to support the oppressed.

“I want peace and for people to get off a high horse and realize we’re here for a limited time,” Alsaidi said. “Just Love.”