Soccer Season Restarts in Germany

German Bundesliga opts to finish the season amid COVID-19

Noah Barnes, Reporter

Corona has had a major impact worldwide, putting a damper on life as businesses, schools, sports, and parks shut down. Sports fans have been especially disappointed with the cancelling of basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and other spring sport’s seasons. However, German soccer has returned, albeit with empty stadiums, much to the delight of fans across the world.

The opening has largely been a success, with no cases of COVID being spread between players or staff. The favorable outcome of the Bundesliga has prompted several other European leagues to return, including the Spanish, Italian, and English leagues.

No matter how successful the return has been, heavy safety precautions have been taken to prevent the potential spread of sickness. Fans are not allowed to watch the game in the stadium, with a maximum capacity of 300 people being the standard. This has resulted in a less vibrant experience for the players, who are used to crowds of tens of thousands of fans cheering boisterously during the game.

“Playing without anyone watching would definitely be weird,” said soccer player Will Mahoney, “But it is preferable to finish the season.”

Despite the lackluster stadium atmosphere, games remain as exiting as ever to watch on television. As the season progresses, second place Dortmund look to prevent league leaders Bayern Munich from clenching their 8th straight title.

Players have been able to garner media attention through their exploits on the field as well as their play. Dortmund superstar Jadon Sancho brought light to the black lives matter movement and George Floyd with his goal celebration against last ranked Paderborn. After scoring his first goal of three, he lifted his shirt to reveal the message “Justice for George Floyd.”

The return of the Bundesliga bodes well for other sports, and as long as safety precautions are taken, sports seasons may be able to be salvaged.