Too Predictable to Handle (spoilers)

Netflix reality series falls into a pattern of repetitiveness despite promising idea

Maya Amman, Features Editor

One by one, the contestants entered paradise believing that this would be the best summer of their lives. Little did they know that they would face many challenges and obstacles to achieve the $100,000 prize.

This Netflix series was based solely upon building a relationship with a significant other, but in doing this, you must not have any intimate contact with you partner. Imagine a world where you would lose $3000 just for kissing someone. This was seen as absurd for many of the contestants, therefore rules were constantly broken.

What was astonishing though, was how cliché and repetitive this show was. Many plots had holes in them and the ending was beyond disappointing.

The idea of this show had originality and was expected to be very interesting, but the way it was delivered butchered the entire concept and transformed it into every other reality show.

The contestants were not taking the rules seriously, and therefore did not truly learn from the experience. The whole point of the experience was to create a deeper connection with a significant other beyond just their appearance, but while trying to understand the point of the experience, the contestants managed to lose a whopping 57,000.

A few meaningless hook-ups end in a whole lot of regret after that much money was deducted from the cash prize. Right when you think that the contestants had learned their lesson, the host of the show offers that the two people with the most offenses, Harry and Francesca, can win back all of the money they lost totaling $32,000. This is completely unfair seeing as they were being rewarded for their problematic actions.

The winner of the show was to be chosen based on who had the most emotional and spiritual growth on their time spent on the island. All in all, when come time for a winner to be chosen, the producers of the show chose to have a cliché ending by splitting the profits between all contestants.

This should not be seen as a win because instead of one winner going home with $75,000, each contestant ended up getting $7,500. Many contestants who did not experience as much growth were able to still win and went home not really learning anything.

The “everyone is a winner” principle should be used at Little League baseball games not on reality television series. Overall this show did not exceed expectations, but was still an enjoyable watch due to how over dramatic the production was.

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