South Korean Baseball Organization expecting to open season in early May

Sports slowly returning in South Korea


Samsung Lions players return to practice despite COVID-19.

Andy Chung , Reporter

Due to COVID-19, all sports games and other events are canceled until further notice, but one country seems to slowly bring sports games and other events back into people’s lives. South Korea was one of the first and biggest countries to be hit with COVID-19, but life has already started to return to normal for the Koreans. 

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is preparing for an opening preseason game by early May. No fans will be able to attend the league’s games, and the players will wear masks when playing.

Many sports fans fear that their favorite sports teams and sports are being put on hold and are asking if they should follow what South Korea is doing. The U.S. was one of the slowest countries to respond to this pandemic and is receiving a huge backlash from the public. 

If sports were to be continued with no fans, is it still safe for the players to play? NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been following the KBO and similar situations. Silver suggested that NBA teams and players stay in a huge hotel in Las Vegas and continue the remainder of the NBA season. With players not being able to leave the hotel and only be around each other, COVID -19 wouldn’t be spread to their families and friends. 

“I really like basketball and watching the Nba playoffs but because of this virus going on I can’t watch my favorite part of Nba” sophomore Zach Hasan said.

There are many ways to deal with this problem but without any medication or vaccine for this virus, players are skeptical about resuming playing. It will be very interesting to see what the KBO office will do and if the season will even be played. But from seeing how South Koreans are living and handling this virus, it is very likely that baseball and other sports will resume.