Off season basketball work goes to waste


Photo by Matthew Zarkani

Last year, both the jv, and varsity level basketball teams participated in a college camp at U-Pitt. The program went on to go undefeated through the course of the camp.

Matthew Zarkani, Reporter

Highlander basketball often has many off season activities which promote player growth, and encourage people to try out.
Returning junior varsity and varsity players participate in four main activities. Spring league, summer league, team camp, and the college summer camp.
Returning freshmen players participate in a summer league, and get to go to the team camp.
The program also offers a summer camp, yet only rising sophomores and younger kids could participate.
With all this being said many players won’t have their shot at giving coaches first impressions, or making a name for themselves in the program.
“It really sucks, I wish I could participate in all the activities I could to show the coach that I could play varsity next year. I was really hoping to use the activities as an opportunity to help myself get on the team,” rising junior Zach Hasan said.
Additionally, many kids planned on attending their last year of camp.
“Camp has been fun, and I’ve been going for so long. Now that I am a rising sophomore, this is my last year of attending summer camp. I’m really going to miss it,” rising sophomore Josh John said.
Although the younger kids suffer the most, so do the rising seniors.
“College camp is really fun. We get to stay in dorms and play basketball all day. Not only that but we get all you can eat buffets, and as much food as we want. It hurts so badly to think that I can’t participate for another year,” rising senior Aaron Bremser said.
Many players prove their worth through off season work, yet some feel like they can’t prove themselves.
“I know everyone gets a fair shot during those three days at tryouts, but if I wanted to make my case even stronger for being on the team, I would work so hard at all the off season workouts and activities. Although coaches say they don’t make any judgement before tryouts, it’s obvious that they do. I just hope my hard work does not go unnoticed,” rising sophomore Gage Lyons said.
For some people, it’s not a matter of making the team, it’s a matter of having fun.
“I’m not planning on playing for the team, but the summer camp is available for all kids. It was a fun experience each year I went, and now, I can’t go,” Hasan said.
All though the situation might be unfortunate, players continue to work hard for a great season next year.
“Although I can’t work in front of the people that matter, I can work on my own. If I wanna perform well in front of many others, I have to outwork others in front of nobody,” rising junior Patrick Downey said.