Keep supporting local businesses

Supporting small businesses is important amidst the effects of COVID-19


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Although the spread of COVID-19 has kept most people trapped inside, it’s important not to forget about small businesses. Ways to support them include ordering delivery food, purchasing gift cards, and leaving positive reviews online

Emily Jackson, Copy and Features Editor

As the economy continues to sink due to the effects of COVID-19, the importance of supporting small, local businesses are more prevalent than ever. While it seems difficult to keep these restaurants and other small businesses afloat, many steps can be taken to support them.

Although everyone is advised to stay at home in isolation, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat some of your favorite food from a local restaurant. Delivery and pick up are still an option, for the time being, so taking advantage of these changes allows you to keep eating the food you love while strengthening a small business’s income in this hard time.

Because the news regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing along with policies and recommendations related to it, in the future delivery and pick up from restaurants might not be an option. Another way to support these small local businesses is to buy a gift card from them.

Gift cards are a great way to show support, as the business immediately receives payment, and you get to enjoy the food or product whenever this isolation period ends.

Purchasing merchandise online or in stores if still available is also a great way to support local businesses. A quicker method that can be done without spending money is to write positive reviews for these businesses online. This will encourage new customers when the restaurants and shops eventually open back up.

Although this is a confusing time for everyone, don’t allow small local businesses to struggle, as these places are beloved and give every town personality.