Coronavirus pandemic suspends European soccer

All top 5 leagues in Europe have officially been suspended due to the corona outbreak


Image obtained via Scorum

Top 5 European soccer leagues have suspended their games.

On March 13, all top 5 soccer leagues decided to suspend the season due to the corona virus pandemic. Champions league included would have to be waited as well. 

Soccer is the most watched and played sport across the globe and is a sport many love. However, since the UEFA Federation decided to suspend games, players and teams who were having a wonderful year would have to pause. 

“I am very disappointed that the soccer season is suspended,” sophomore varsity soccer player Daniel Cheyab said. “I was looking forward to the games and practices with the team.”

As the season was coming down to the wire with more crucial games and chances to win trophies, the season being suspended can help protect the players.

“I think pausing the season was the right decision on UEFA’s part because it prevents the virus from being spread,” Cheyab said. 

Many people were looking forward to the coming weeks and months of the season due to how it’s the most crucial time for a team.

“The fans and the players will be very upset about it, although they know that the season should be postponed,” Cheyab said.

In recent times, the virus has spread a tremendous amount and could cause many people to suffer. The people that they don’t want to see suffer are the soccer players and coaches.

“I think fans were shocked to see players on their favorite team with the virus,” Cheyab said. “I hope that they get everything resolved.”

In the up and coming weeks, decisions will be further made with the rest of the season. It was a dramatic thing for sports to not be played and for many fans not to see their favorite team play.