Girls varsity soccer team kicks off season

The girls varsity soccer team played against Chantilly High School in their first scrimmage of the season


Kaan Kocabal

The team is huddled up during halftime.

On March 4, 2020, The varsity girls soccer team had their first scrimmage of the season. Tryouts have just been finished a week before and this game would test out how the team does. 

McLean played Chantilly High School and had a rough battle against them. McLean came out losing 0-2 and couldn’t seem to get the momentum to come back and the game ended 1-3 to Chantilly. 

“It was the first scrimmage so there weren’t the highest of expectations,” senior right back Kayla Eksteen said. “The coaches wanted to try people in various positions.”

When the final team was selected, the coaches wanted to test out how the team would play with one another. The team has many juniors and sophomores that have time to develop into the best player they can be. 

“I believe that there is a lot of potential with the team. We just need to work on connectivity in order to get a rhythm down,” Eksteen said.

However, since it was the first game and everybody was ready to finally see how the team would do, there were mistakes that happened.

“We didn’t connect very well as a team and we couldn’t play to each others feet,” sophomore center back Emma Radcliff said. “Also, a lot of people were nervous and you could see it affect the way that we played.”

“We all learned what we needed to improve on as a team, so we took something important from that scrimmage which is all that matters,” Eksteen said. 

After all, it was just the first of many games to come for the team to get better. The players have a lot to learn from their first game to take it into the regular season where the real show starts.