Best Navigation apps

With many navigation apps, what is really the best for users


App Waze is used by people around the world, Including McLean

Millions of drivers around the world rely on navigation apps like google maps to commute to work or go places that they are not familiar with. With so many choices, what is really the best navigation app for drivers to use on a daily basis?

1.Google Maps


Google Maps was invented in 2005 and strived ever since. Google map features include, live traffic details, Roadway selection, Local stores, nearest dining, hostel and gas station. Drivers can rely on this app to take them from point A to B quickly and easily. 

2. Apple Maps


Apple Maps is relatively new compared to Google Maps but has similar features such as traffic details, dining, and other roadside services. This app is very popular among Apple device users as it is already downloaded on the phone. Due to its simple and easy use, many people on the road rely on this app. 



Waze is owned by Google but has a huge difference between Google maps. Waze is loved by millions of people as their features include police detection, road work, hazardous items, etc. There are many key differences that make Waze different from other apps. With police notification, people can speed without getting pulled over and getting a citation. Many police departments have tried to ban this feature but failed which means people that love this feature will continue to use this. Unlike Google Maps and Apple Maps, Waze has advertisements which can be annoying but it’s very rare that ads will pop up while driving.