Karaoke night comes to McLean High School

McLean High School’s international club hosted a karaoke night on Wednesday. Filled with fun, friends, and food, Highlanders let loose and sung along to their favorite tunes.


Thomas Lohman

Seniors Sophia Belevedere and Kadijat Oyediran dance and sing to the song “Sweet Caroline” at Karaoke night. This is one of many performances of night, which included renditions of “Billionare” by Bruno Mars and “Oops I did it again” by Taylor Swift.

Thomas Lohman, Reporter

As seniors, Sophia Belvedere, Kadijat Oyediran, and Sarah Solis finished their rendition of “Sweet Caroline” clapping and laughter filled the lecture hall, as the audience relished in the light-hearted performance. This was one of many performances Highlanders did at McLean’s first-ever Karaoke night, an event hosted by the international club.

” I think it was a great way for everyone to destress and have fun and it was a great way for people to see a little bit of the international club,” international club leader, Bela Bhatnagar, said.

the singing and dancing lasted an hour longer than scheduled, highlighting the success of the event.

“It definitely went better than expected,” Bhatnagar said. “We didn’t think that many people would show up.”

Bhatnagar sees this success as a sign that the event should continue in the future.

” I would definitely do it again,” Bhatnagar said. “But I would have it on a different day and advertise more so that more people knew about it.”

Bhatnagar is hopeful that on top of being a fun event, people were exposed to and excited by the idea of joining the international club.

“We wanted to create a fun way to spread the word about the international club,” Bhatnagar said. “I think we accomplished that goal.”

Of the many highlights of the night, it was hard for Bhatnagar to choose just one.

“My favorite parts were singing with my friends and seeing how many people showed up and had fun,” Bhatnagar said.

Even though Bhatnagar is a graduating this year, based on the unanimously positive reactions of attendees, Karaoke night may just be an event for years to come.