Ways to prevent Coronavirus

People fear for their lives as number of dead due to Coronavirus increases


McLean student uses Purell to prevent coronavirus

Andy Chung , Reporter

After the Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014, many people were feared by the chance of contracting the deadly disease. Since this outbreak, 6 years have passed and there wasn’t any serious outbreak since Ebola. Until in January of 2020, a new disease broke out in China, which killed several people. 

Countries fearing for this disease took serious measures to try and prevent this disease from spreading in their own nation. China’s government shut down the entire city which the outbreak of the disease occurred. Other countries quickly followed and checked passengers for any symptoms of sickness. 

Coronavirus is a new virus which means that there are no certain way of treating the patients and the creation of meds are still in progress. With no certain way of treating this virus, many people are doing anything to try and prevent this scary virus from entering their houses, and their families. 

“Yeah I heard about the new virus, it’s pretty scary because there’s really nothing we can do right now,” Sophomore Zacharia Hasan said. 

The U.S. government has tightened its security to check for any patience flying into America. According to ABC 7, On January 25, 2020, a man was escorted off of the plane from Las Vegas due to suspicion of coronavirus in Baltimore International Airport. The man was later released from isolation and medicare after being cleared. 

With this dangerous and scary event happening not too far from McLean, is there anything students, parents and residents of McLean can do to prevent themselves from contracting the coronavirus?

The easiest way to prevent the contraction of this virus is by constantly washing your hand before eating or touching your mouth. Hands have the highest chance of having many bacteria, diseases that can cause viruses when it touched to mouth. 

Another effective way is wearing a mask when leaving the house and walking outside. The demand for masks skyrockets as the coronavirus is feared by everyone around the world. Mask can prevent the virus around the air from entering the body. 

Cleaning and wiping down phones, tv remote, and other objects that are often used are recommended. Many bacteria live on your phone and remotes as it is used every day by many people. This precautious measurement is very effective. 

Also, not flying and traveling to countries with a high risk of coronavirus can prevent travelers from contracting the disease from the natives. The U.S. government has a website that informs travelers which countries are safe to travel. 

After following and practicing all these precautious measures, people can still get sick. If you are feeling sick, staying home and staying away from other people is very important. Coronavirus can spread from contact with a patient with the virus, to prevent further spread, avoiding contact is very important. 

If the symptoms last for a long time and the sickness isn’t improving, visit a doctor immediately. The virus has killed many people, the faster the doctor spot the virus, the safer the patience and others around. 

Experts are constantly working day and night to find a cure for this outbreak and help patients. Until then, the only thing the common citizens can do is follow these steps and tips and be on the lookout for any symptoms. Traveling to China and other countries with a high number of Coronavirus should be avoided.