Highlanders fall short to Wildcats

Boys varsity basketball team loses to Centreville but keeps their heads high


Matthew Zarkani, Online Sports Editor

The McLean boys varsity basketball team took on Centreville on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Although the game ended in a loss by a score of 40-37, the game still kept the Highlanders momentum going.

The game was close, and was nothing short of a dog fight.

“We played hard, and did not really pay attention to the score. We played hard until the final buzzer, and we left the gym knowing we gave it our all,” varsity player Chris Cornell said.

The game was a learning point for the Highlanders and also allowed other people to step up.

“We were down Aaron and Nate, but everybody played well,” varsity coach Mike O’Brien said.

With a deficit of only four, while missing two starting players, the Highlanders still keep their hopes high.

“This season has been good and we look forward to the rest of it,” Cornell said.

With the game’s outcome being a loss, the team continues looking for revenge.

“It didn’t phase us,” Cornell said. “If anything all it did was make us stronger and more confident.”