Book drive gives back to the community

The book drive was a part of four total drives hosted by Leadership


Photo by Noah Barnes

The book drive box gathers more and more reading material as the days pass by.

Noah Barnes, Reporter

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The Book Drive at McLean was held from Dec. 9-13 to help out the community this winter season. It was organized by Leadership along with three other drives, the blood, food, and clothing drives.

“We have partnered with Share of McLean to give back to the community, especially the McLean community,” sophomore Zoe Mallus said.

The goal of the drives was to give back to the community this winter and make sure that less fortunate people are touched with gifts and necessities this holiday season.

There was no specific goal of how many books to collect, with the sky being the limit.

“The goal of the book drive was simple, [we wanted] to gather was many books as possible,” leadership student Amanda Moore said.

A substantial amount of books were collected by the end of the drive.

“We collected 5 big boxes worth of books, which totals to around a few hundred books,” leadership head Karen McNamara said.