North Korea’s special present is likely nothing

North Korea’s special gift causes fear among people but the present will not be a missile or anything harmful to America

Kim and Trump takes away the hate in a lovely portrait. With Improvements in their relationship, are the countries becoming friends.

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Kim and Trump takes away the hate in a lovely portrait. With Improvements in their relationship, are the countries becoming friends.

Andy Chung , Reporter

Not long ago, people all over the world constantly feared for their lives from constant deaths, crime, and wars. The Korean War hasn’t ended and without any peace treaty, the war is still active and tensions are still on the rise. Over the years, the relationship between N.Korea and the U.S. improved drastically. President Trump and the North Korean supreme leader Kim met and talked about international problems involving N.Korea’s nuclear missile program. The tension between the two countries seemed to settle until shocking news broke. North Korea informed the U.S. about a surprise Christmas gift. Having the capabilities of N.Korean nuclear missile reaching the U.S., government officials and militaries are preparing for the worst.  

It seems very unlikely for North Korea to launch a nuclear missile towards the U.S., due to their improved relationships. In 2018, President Trump and Kim Joung Un held the first meeting between the U.S. and North Korea in Singapore where they talked about North Korean nuclear missile program. It seemed like they both agreed on certain things which were kept confidential. 

According to The Guardian, The U.S. has warned North Korea about a Christmas missile launch practice. With the Government releasing this statement, it illustrates the amount of fear the government has on North Korea’s capabilities on harming the residents and the citizens of America.

Living in McLean which is very close to our nation’s capital raises our safety concerns, but it looks like we don’t need to worry about anything.  It is very uncertain that North Korea’s missiles can actually reach Washington D.C. as there is no real data to back up their statement. Also, the United States is considered the strongest country in the world and there are many safety mechanisms that prevent any missiles from harming the people that are settled in the U.S. If it’s not a missile, what can it be?

It’s most likely that it would be something nice and big that is related to North Korean and its culture. For instance, cars, traditional items, and other items. There are chances that they might not even send anything, and they only brought this Christmas gift to see and study what President Trump and the U.S. will act and come up with solutions to this surprising present. The only thing we can do as citizens and residents of America waits until Christmas day and see what happens.