Your contact info is on sale for 47 cents

Top colleges purchase student information to lower acceptance rate

Marina Qu, News Editor

Stanford. Vanderbilt. Northwestern. These are just a few of the schools that purchase students’ information from college board. 

The top-notch colleges never lack applicants. Why would they want to attract more students? 

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, these colleges coax high school students into applying and later reject them, aiming to lower their acceptance rates. 

During PSAT, SAT, and APs, students can select the “student search service” option. Once the students opt-in the college board search service, college board sells the students’ names, ethnicity, parents’ education and their approximate PSAT or SAT scores to college admission offices. 

So next time when you’re taking a College bBoard exam, think twice before bubbling in every circle.