McLean varsity football team shut out on Senior Night to Washington Liberty

On Nov. 1, McLean varsity football team played Washington Liberty on Senior Night and lost 0-42


Paarth Soni

McLean varsity football team is on offense against Washington Liberty. It is the first quarter and the game is getting exciting.

Kaan Kocabal and Paarth Soni

McLean came off a tough loss on Senior Night against Washington Liberty losing 0-42 on Nov. 1. For many seniors, they were hoping to bring a win for their last home game. Playing one last time on the McLean field with the whole crowd on their side rooting for them. 

“Everyone was very excited and hyped to play this game, especially the seniors,” said sophomore Griffin Stieg, quarterback of the McLean varsity football team. 

McLean ended up losing badly, although they were hoping that the win was going to come with the special occasion. 

“Senior night was definitely a disappointment for us. We really didn’t play to our true potential, but we’re hoping to bounce back for our last game against Langley,” said senior Tio Graybill, slot receiver for the McLean varsity football team.

Before the game started, the weather was bad as it was raining and it looked like no one would show up. However, many students and fans came to support their seniors regardless. The student section was well packed and they were all showing their pride by wearing neon clothes. Many parents and adults also decided to come out and cheer them on one last time.

“Really we didn’t have a bad week of practice for W&L […] we were pretty focused. The difference is we just need to carry that on to the game which we didn’t do for senior night,” Graybill said.

Unfortunately for McLean this game would have helped them make the playoffs for their district but the loss resulted in the team having a losing record below 0.500. However, McLean’s fight isn’t over yet. McLean’s primary task at the moment is to beat their longtime rival, Langley, for their last regular season game.

“Since we took a tough loss on Friday, it will motivate us to go out there and give it all we got against Langley for the final game of the season,” Stieg said.