McLean dance team defying the controversy of dance not being a sport

The dance team holds their ground as they dance through the opinion on whether dance is a sport or not.


Dana Edson

DYNAMIC DUO The McLean varsity dance team preforms their new skills and talents at the homecoming football game during half time. “We usually come up with the dances for the football and basketball games,” senior Mason Glembocki said.

Sydney Gleason, Reporter

As the McLean dance team works hard to improve and thrive this season, they are also working to defy some students opinions that dance is not a sport.

The coaches and girls have been working on routines all summer and continue to prepare for competitions months in advance. From dancing her whole life, senior Mason Glembocki, has faced a real struggle of being told that dance is not a sport. 

“I’ve given up telling people it’s a sport because they would just argue with me,” Glembocki said. Glembocki has been dancing with McLean all four years and is part of the leadership committee for the dance team.

The McLean dance team is coached by Jen Koonce, the head coach, and assistant coach, Victoria Diez. Both of the coaches have had many opportunities to bond with the girls and as a result, the team has had great experiences as well. Koonce agrees with Glembocki that dance is a sport. 

“They have to be able to sustain a high-intensity impact activity for three minutes straight, which is like a sprinter or runner in track. Just because our artistry is a little more about a costume and looking pretty doesn’t mean they don’t work just as hard as other athletes,” Koonce said. 

Dance has a positive impact on the dancers. The bonds between teammates and coaches developed over the years and have significant value to some of the dancers.

“I’ve gotten so close with my teammates over the years. I can’t imagine the team without them,” Glembocki said.

As a senior, Mason Glembocki will be graduating in 2020 and she will miss the McLean dance team indefinitely. McLean dance has given many special experiences for Glembocki and the coaches that she will miss tremendously. The dance team is working hard to aim for nationals and will hopefully win the title they deserve with all the hard work from the season.

“We are hoping to go back to nationals and do better this year,” Koonce said.