Trump impeachment inquiry begins

Nancy Pelosi’s accusations create a sticky situation for commander in chief


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Nancy Pelosi is once again addressing the media

Swetha Manimaran, Reporter

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. These two figures have felt what it is like having America put them under a magnifying glass. Now it is current president Donald J. Trump’s turn. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, Sept. 24, against

Trump, due to the rising accusations of Trump’s alleged tampering with the 2020 election.

These allegations from a whistleblower include Trump having withheld aid from Ukraine all the while urging their government to investigate his possible opposition for the 2020 election, Joe Biden, and son, Hunter Biden.

This developing story is not only a complex one, but everyone has their own opinion on it, including McLean students.

“Most democrats haven’t really liked Trump from the start and have been looking for a way to ruin him,” junior Sarah Carter said.

Before the announcement of Trump’s impeachment inquiry, he had tweeted, daring Democrats to attempt to impeach him. On the day of the announcement, Trump tweeted, “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT,” deflecting the stacked claims. Democrats are ready to get this inquiry onto the floor of the House of Representatives.

Trump responds after the news of a whistleblower emerges.