McLean Football fights a hard battle against Yorktown

McLean supports Breast Cancer Awareness on its Friday football game


Cheerleader Atticus Gore holds the flag with a big M, cheering up McFootball and the crowd. The usual football game brings students together to enjoy their Friday night.

Marina Qu and Shruthi Manimaran

The sea of pink cheers for another Friday night football game on Friday, Oct. 11.The crowd cheers them on, their enthusiasm overpowering the silence from where Yorktown is on the other side of the field.

The passion, however, fizzles out when Yorktown scores their first touchdown, an eerie signal predicting the course of the rest of the game. By the end, McLean eventually lost 0-42.  

Even though McLean lost, the audience still optimistic towards how this season has turned out. 

“We’re doing a lot better this season,” junior Eliana Durkee said. “I think it’s hyping up the school lot.”

McLean has been improving this season, winning its first game at Osborne Park and the homecoming game against Wakefield, the first home game won since 2016. 

“I hope we win again before the season ends,” junior Eliana Durkee said.

The football game versus Yorktown on this past Friday was the sixth game of the season, and it will play Herndon away next Friday, Oct 19. 

“We’re trying our best,” junior Alex Wong said. “There’s going to be more to come.”