Last home game for varsity field hockey ends in a tragic loss

McLean’s varsity field hockey team loses to Washington Liberty in overtime 0-1 in last home game of season


Kaan Kocabal

McLean is getting ready for their last home game of the season vs. Washington Liberty. They start off with announcing their lineups.

Kaan Kocabal, Reporter

On Oct. 10, it would be for some players their last home game in the regular season to conclude their high school career. McLean played Washington Liberty and the crowd was cheering for all the players and seniors.

“It felt really good and exciting as this was something id waited for all of high school so it was rewarding,” Senior Analise Demarco said.

Demarco is one of the three captains on the team with Seniors Sabrina Benmira and Julia Raymond. The emotions had caught up to them leading up to the game which made them feel special.

“It was really emotional because this was something that I’ve done for the last four years,” Demarco said. “To think that it will be over soon is really sad because I love the sport so much.”

The team now has a 3-9-1 record and has two more games away before the playoffs. 

From the beginning of the game leading up to the end, it was very fun and intense to watch. All the players were feeling themselves as they knew it would be their last home game of the season, so they had to get the crowd going. 

“I definitely think we can bring this intensity to the playoffs,” Demarco said. “This game was such a strong game for us and if we play this way against other teams we definitely have a chance of playing a few playoff games.”

Everybody, including the players and the crowd, were on their feet and feeling the rush in their body as to knowing the senior won’t want this game to ever end. No matter how good or bad the teams form is, each player believes in each other to come out of the game with a win.

“Our team supports each other so much and I think that’s why we we played so strong,” Demarco said. “Even though we lost, we were very competitive with a skilled team and I think that’s due to the hype and motivation we give to each other.”