Seniors take home the Tuff Puff trophy

The McLean Tuff Puff teams competed in an intense game of flag football Wednesday night, resulting in a win from the seniors


Mae Monaghan

McLean's junior Tuff Puff team gets ready to put the next lineup on the field. Girls in their senior and junior years played on Wednesday night, resulting in a win from the seniors.

Mae Monaghan, Online Features Editor

On Wednesday night, Girls in their junior and senior years competed against each other in a fierce game of flag football. The Tuff Puff team is a longstanding tradition at McLean, but in recent years, the annual game has become an even bigger event every fall. This year, the class of 2020 won with a final score of 12-16.

Some players play in a flag football league outside of school and already know the rules, but for beginners, both Tuff Puff teams get coached by male students in their same grade. 

“I started playing at the beginning of the season, but the coaches have been really helpful,” junior defense captain Audrey Alder said. 

The teams practiced four times a week in order to prepare for the big game. Although it’s a competitive sport, the players love the atmosphere.

“It’s just a really fun thing to do with all of my friends,” Alder said.

The Tuff Puff match might be friendly and school coordinated, but the players and student fans take it a little more seriously.

“Last year when our team didn’t win it sucked because we had to go to school the next day with a loss. I’m so happy the seniors won just so we can leave knowing that we gave it our all,” senior wide receiver Sophia Ortiz said.

Now that the season is over, rising juniors are excited to participate next year. 

I think that [Tuff Puff] is such a resourceful and fun game at McLean,” sophomore Rebecca Miles said. 

According to the players, Tuff Puff is a team that everyone should join for a great time before they leave high school.

“It was such a fun experience, and a really amazing activity to do with friends,” Ortiz said. “I really loved my teammates and would recommend it to girls next year.”