Varsity fockey takes a tough loss at Langley

The Varsity Field Hockey team took a big loss at Langley losing 0-5

Paarth Soni, Reporter

“With every game we have grown as a team coming off Friday with two losses and back with 2 wins on Saturday,” said Analise Demarco, captain of the Varsity Field Hockey team. 

The Varsity Field Hockey team had a rough start to the season having lost their first two games but started improving from every game onward. When they were about to play Langley they knew that they were up for a rough ride.

“Langley’s been a historically rough team to play; they have a really good program there, and last year they had no seniors so we were basically playing the same team,” Demarco said

Their game plan was to work their hardest as they were up against a very skilled and talented team.They weren’t too confident that they were going to win but they still decided to put up a good fight. Unfortunately they ended up losing the game 0 to 5. 

“Some things we need to work on as a team is to do a better job communicating with each other. We also need to start playing more offensively throughout the game instead of being so defensive the whole time” Demarco said.

Fortunately the team has a lot of time to improve on these things as the season has just started. Although the team started off rusty, they improved on their mistakes and will be very prepared for the next time they play Langley which will be at home.

“I think the next time [we play Langley] we just have to go in, do a better job defending the middle and put off a strong fight offensively. I think the rest of the season is going to go really good for us. I hope that we pull out some more wins and I’m excited to finish the season strong,” Demarco said.