Overdue win sparks spirit

Zach Anderson, Copy Editor

After nearly three years of not winning a single Varsity football game, the McLean spirit was beginning to die down. In fact, underclassmen had never experienced a win during their high school career. At Osbourn Park High School last week, though, the Varsity football team won a game.

During today’s USA out, McLean students were able to see the impact that this win had on the school.

“I would definitely say there were more people dressed up today than usual,” junior Christian Carroll said. “I think after [last week’s game], everybody feels motivated to win another game.”

While the regular handful of kids who usually dress up went all out, many students who usually do not participate in spirit days were decked out in red, white and blue during the school day.

“I dressed up today because I wanted to get ready for tonight’s game,” Carroll said. “Also, I really wanted to wear my shorts and today was a good opportunity for that.”

It seems likely that—after our school was reminded of what it feels like to have a win on our record—students will continue to celebrate spirit days in the weeks to come.

“I think it’s really important for a school to have this much spirit,” Carroll said. “It shows the pride for the school and support for our teams.”

The gallery below shows just a glance of what it was like to walk around the McLean campus today.