Life Protection Act protects no one

Abortion should not be banned


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Women protest Trump's Imposition of the So-Called Gag Rule in Chicago.

Marina Qu, Reporter

The state of Alabama passed the Human Life Protection Act on Wednesday, May 15, preventing doctors to perform abortion on women during any stage of pregnancy. Violation of this abortion ban can result in 99 years of prison. After Alabama, other states followed and placed more restrictions on abortion. It gives me goosebumps every time when thinking about the poor 11-year-old girl in Ohio who was raped multiple times and left pregnant. But with the Ohio’s abortion law prohibits abortion after fetal heartbeat is detected, which is before when most women found out of their pregnancy.

History is winding backwards. Abortion ban indirectly promotes men superiority, which creates challenges for women’s social advancement. While a man does not have to be responsible for the consequence he caused, a woman’s freedom is severely limited because she is involuntarily bind to pregnancy, childbearing process, and maternity leave, which places extra burdens for women to success in their careers.

For single moms and victims of rape, they are responsible for the costs of pregnancy and raising a child. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, having a child results in $230,000 in lost lifetime wages for women.

No woman is born to suffer. No woman is required to take care of the rapist’s child for the rest of her life.

Victims of rape are already experiencing severe mental and emotional trauma, but now, the law is forcing a child onto the victim, overwhelming the victim with mental stress and responsibility to the baby. She was a victim, and she will remain one forever.

No child is born to suffer.

If a couple decides that they are not ready, forcing a child onto them would just result in bad parenting, taken forms of neglect, domestic violence, etc, which are the causes for most juvenile delinquencies and many mental health problems. A child will suffer lifelong with the negative influence of his childhood.

While many pro-life activists aim to ban “murder” in this way, it’s crucial to recognize that we can never ban abortion, we would ban legal abortion. During the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 20s, banning alcohol not encouraged illegal alcohol flows, but also caused the gangs and violence groups in major cities. Similar to the Alcohol Ban, Abortion ban will provide more safety and security risks for the country.

If we were living in a communist country, if we were given rations per person, I would agree with banning abortion, since the government is responsible for feeding the children. Activists can choose to protest, to yell out their angers; however, at the end of the day, they are not the ones who are paying for the baby’s expenses nor the ones breastfeeding their child every 2 hours at night.

Only if there were no gun violence, if there were no poorly-funded public education, if there were no racism, if there were no synagogue shooting, I would agree with banning abortion. Only when black lives actually mattered, when refugees’ lives actually mattered, Muslim lives actually mattered, and when school children’s lives actually matter, I would believe that a fetus’s life matters too.

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