SGA elections conclude

The officers are decided for next year’s student government

Jack Shields, Sports Editor

SGA, Class Council & SAC Elections 2019-2020

Class of 2022 Election
President: Andy Chung
Officers: Atticus Gore
Zia Harrison

Class of 2021 Election
President: Skylar Tennant
Officers: Ryan Shue
Jamir Coleman
Sojung (Emma) Lee

Class of 2020 Elections
President: Sachi Dieker
Officers: Sarah Gu
Emily Chopra

President: John Godwin
Officers: Sarah Gu
Ava Rotondo
Eli Sporn

Julia Bodet
Sophie Howery
Claire Akard
Dua Mobin

As the school year nears its end, McLean has gone through another exciting year of Student Government Association (SGA) elections. The annual process of campaigning and voting is an exciting time at McLean, when Highlanders get the chance to choose their student leaders for the next school year. Though many see this as an opportunity for free food (incentives handed out by candidates hoping to win votes), the elections are a chance for candidates to put their passions for improving our school into action.

The process allows students interested in SGA offices to campaign against each other, using social media and in-school campaigning as platforms to promote themselves. Ultimately, the winners are elected by the student body; choosing the candidate that best fits their vision for the future of McLean. The entirety of the process was enjoyable for the candidates and the rest of the student body.

“I worked very hard to try and reach as many students as possible to spread awareness about my campaign and why I was the best candidate for class president,” Class of 2021 president elect Skylar Tennant said. “The whole process was a great experience and my fellow campaigners made it even better.”

The elected officers now strive to keep their campaign promises and look to make the 2019-20 school year an enjoyable experience.

“I’m really excited to plan more fun and engaging activities to unify our class, especially making sure that students have representation in prom to make it as fun as possible for everyone,” Tennant said. “I am also looking forward to being able to bring change by addressing problems that actually matter to students.”

Newly elected SGA officers are also thrilled to represent McLean’s students in positive ways.

“I’m excited to represent a school that I’ve come to love and a student body I love even more. I hope that this gives me the opportunity to connect with as many people as possible and help every student feel comfortable at our school,” SGA president elect John Godwin said.

Next year’s student government holds a lot of promise, and has great ambitions for spirit days, prom, and way more. Highlanders are excited to see what events unfold over the next year. Congratulations to our elected SGA officers!