Student leaders make it McHappen!

Mc-Dance-a-thon demonstrates the massive effort student leaders give to plan school events


Ava Rotondo

Leadership students and their peers collect on the McDance-a-thon dance floor on March 31. The dance had a Hawaiian theme.

Ava Rotondo, Reporter

‘Tis the season for McLean spirit. With prom just under a week away and Relay for Life and graduation on the horizon, students are busy preparing for these activities. There is so much behind-the-scenes work put in by students to planning fun events. It is unknown to many students just how much effort their peers put in to provide their school with experiences and memories they will look back on.

For McDance-a-thon, the program heads, Jisolu Awe, Nick Monroe, Sam Monroe and Nikki Zarkani worked as a team to plan the dance. In the weeks prior, the McDance-a-thon staff worked to raise money and later continued fundraising at the event. The entire school was invited to attend the night on March 31 that would be filled with music, dancing and food, all for a good cause.

“The main goal of McDance-A-Thon is to raise money for the Children’s National Hospital in DC in order to support the children at the hospital and their families,” McDance-a-thon head Jisolu Awe said.

Overall, the leaders spent months collecting money, making shirts and advertising. Despite the effort and time required to set this monumental event in motion, the ultimate experience was beneficial for the leaders.

“The best part of planning for the dance was the fulfillment that came as we were getting closer and closer towards our goal,” Awe said. “The goal for McDance-A-Thon 2019 was to raise $50,000.”

And they more than passed that goal. They hoped to raise $50,000 and ended up raising a record of over of $55,000.

“I’m still in awe that we were able to raise $55,000,” Awe said.

Not only was the end result monetarily satisfying, but those who attended were able to participate in a meaningful effort to support others in need. In reflection, Awe is proud of everything the head team accomplished.

“I think the dance went amazing,” Awe said. “There’s nothing I would change [about the night].”

McDance-a-thon is one event that illustrates how passionate students can make a difference not only in the McLean environment, but also in the larger community. While it may take time and work to prepare for these occasions, the experience the leaders gain is invaluable and the memories students make are unforgettable.