A bitter return

Former Nats superstar Bryce Harper returns home to a chorus of boos

Ben Brooks, Sports Editor

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Just months after he walked off the field a National, Bryce Harper returned…but with “Philadelphia” sprawled across his chest. On April 2, Bryce Harper returned to Nationals Park to a chorus of boos from frustrated Nationals fans who watched him leave Washington to go to their biggest rival.

“It hurt. I wanted him to strikeout,” junior Ethan Bacica said. “It was frustrating to watch him go to our rival.” 

Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on March 1 for $300 million over 13 years. Tuesday night marked his return to D.C. He was met with little love. With a rain delay, already frustrated fans erupted in boos during a tribute video presented to Harper from the Nationals organization. Shortly after, Bryce Harper stepped up to the plate in the top of the first inning. As someone who has attended many sporting events, I have never heard a louder crowd than that that booed Bryce Harper as he first stepped up to the plate.

Those boos quickly turned into cheers as National’s award winning pitcher Max Scherzer struck out Harper. This strikeout was relieving to many Nats fans who had spent the last month grieving over the loss of their best player to their biggest rival.

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