Yikes or likes: 91st annual Oscar review


Background picture courtesy of Creative Commons

Isaac Lamoreaux and Waseema Khan

February 24 marked the 91st annual Oscars award ceremony filled with memorable winners, dresses, and speeches. It is the entertainment awards show of the year, and this time around did not disappoint. Let’s look at some of the awards that were given this time.

Best Picture: Green Book


I: “Honestly I never saw Green Book, like I’m sure its good but honestly I really don’t know much about it.”

W: “ I haven’t seen, but be down to watch it.”

I: “It sounds like a really compelling movie though, I would love to watch it too.”

W: “Time to hit the movies!”

Best Actor: Rami Malek


W: “Bae being as inspirational as ever.”

I: “He did such a good job portraying Freddie Mercury, he really deserved it I’m happy for him.”

Best Actress: Olivia Colman


I: “Aw yeah she had a really good performance.”

W: “Wifey and hubby goals.”

I: “Hehe I ship it, but I would have loved it if Yalitza Aparicio won for Roma she did such a good job.”

Best Actor in a supporting role: Mahershala Ali

I: “I’m really not surprised, but good for him though! He did really well in Moonlight and I’m positive he did the same with Green Book.”

W: “I don’t know who this mans is, but i know who this mans is.”

Best Actress in a supporting role: Regina King


W: “Her smile makes me happy.”

I: “Aw yeah she’s so cuuute.”

Best Animated Feature:


I: “Mahershala Ali was in this too?!”

W: “haha…well…haha”

I: “I saw like trailers for this movie and it looked really cute.”

W: “Tobey Maguire will always be #1…sorry.”


And now, we present our own awards for this years Oscars. 

Worst Speech: Vice (Makeup and Hairstyling) Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, Patricia Dehaney-Le May

I: “This speech reminds me of a really bad car crash that you just can’t look away from. Yikes.

W: “This gave my depression a depression.”

I: “I’m gonna listen to that just one more time….”

W: “Do I want to hear that???”

I: “Hehe. Wow, Patricia Dehaney just does not know where to stand does she?”

W: “Absolutely painful to watch and listen to.”

I: “I bet they had no idea they won and just wrote this speech “just in the slightest case that we do win” yikes it’s like asking a fifth grader to make a speech.”

W: Honestly, probable be me too…”

Best fall of the stage: Rami Malek

W: “Falling in style.”

I: “Awww he took it like a champ though.”

W: “And he’s still bae.”


Best motivational speech: Lady Gaga “A star is born” (Music, original score)  

I: “This made me like want to climb a mountain or something.”

W: “Almost brought me to tears… to say her speech was beautiful would be an absolute understatement…”

I: “Gaga is such an inspiration, she really is a powerful woman. I absolutely, absolutely adore her.”

W: “Bless her”

Best Dressed (Male): “Pose” star Billy Porter


I: “COME THROUGHHHHHH UGH. It so iconic like no man with a plain black suit could have topped that.”

W: “That mans is moving mountains”

I: “He honestly is its so amazing to see people defying that set boundary of fashion. Like him pushing that line is so great to see.”

Best Dressed (Female):

I: “I can’t decide…. I really can’t.”

W: “There were so many  cute ones, I honestly can’t choose!!”

Worst Dressed (Male): Everyone just wearing a suit

I: I swear mens fashion is just so… boring! Like come on you can be more creative than just a black suit and tie.”

W: Some were interesting tho, there is always next year.”

I: “Ok like kudos to Pharrell Williams for not just wearing a plain suit but CAMO?!”

W: “Umm… yeah… I don’t know how I feel about that…”

Worst Dressed (Female): Emma stone

W: “Whoever said it was a burnt waffle wasn’t wrong!”

I: “HAHA! Yeah uh Louis Vuitton. What. Please explain where this went wrong.”  

W: “Love Emma Stone but I just can’t deal with that dress, what happened Vuitton??”

I: “I agree, I would rather pick Cicely Tyson’s rejected Muppet look over that any day.”

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