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Fans are suckers for the Jonas Brothers

Band releases first single in six years

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Fans are suckers for the Jonas Brothers

(Photo courtesy of Republic Records)

(Photo courtesy of Republic Records)

(Photo courtesy of Republic Records)

(Photo courtesy of Republic Records)

AnnaGrace Hopkins and Emma Johnson

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The Jonas Brothers dropped a new single at midnight on March 1. Their instant hit “Sucker” debuted at #1 on iTunes. This is the first single released since “First Time” back in 2013.

The Jonas Brothers group is comprised of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas who came to fame in 2007 following their single “Year 3000” used in popular Disney film Meet the Robinsons, which was released in March 30, 2007. Later that year they released their second album self-entitled “Jonas Brothers” including hits “S.O.S” and “Hold On”.

The group posted to their instagram an announcement with the album cover of their single with the caption “Midnight ET #Sucker”. This sent nostalgic fans into a frenzy Friday afternoon, with many posted their excitement.

“It was really cool to see how a lot of the Internet communities that I’m a part of equally excited about the reunion of the Jonas brothers. I saw countless Memes and just general people freaking out over the announcement, and it reminded me of the excitement that I felt when I was a kid when a new music video premiered on Disney Channel during the commercials,” senior Michelle Ugarte-Nunez said.

The feel good song “Sucker” is an example of how the Jonas Brothers took a new approach to their lives as musicians and brothers. They took into account the fact that from the foundation of this new chapter, it was a family ordeal. The brothers have said this is really about saying that they’re not taking themselves too seriously this round, and they’re so thrilled that they’re in a healthy place as a family and will include everyone in that.

(Photo courtesy of Republic Records)

“I genuinely think this whole new trend of bringing back older cultural phenomenons has benefits and downfalls. I do like that the new song really does come by in the cellar careers of Joe Jonas from DNCE and Nick Jonas and his solo albums. The lyrics aren’t too deep, and the chorus isn’t the most methodical, but in the end all we really need at this time is just a feel-good song which I believe they accomplished,” Ugarte-Nunez said.

The music video for “Sucker” has nearly 37 million views on Youtube. The video takes place in Hatfield House, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I, and the only people in the video are the trio and their significant others.

Fans were distraught back in October of 2013 after a band representative revealed that the brothers were going their separate ways which was followed by rumors circulating that the split was more than just creative.

The Jonas Brothers are set to join the Late Late Show with James Corden for a weeklong takeover event March 4-8. With a new album on the horizon, JoBro fans are excited to see not only how far the band has come, but the unification this reunion brings to everyone.

“They were a huge part of my childhood and to see them again when I’m beginning adulthood is a strange, but welcome feeling. Also to see all the success the song has already gained in those that we’re past fans of the band to newcomers makes the situation feel more united and it’s great to see that despite the polarizing political views that some people may have that a boy band coming back together can give us some common ground,” Ugarte-Nunez said.

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