A Future Genius

Freshman Abi Sastry chose Thomas Jefferson High School over McLean


Sara Sastry

Abi Sastry smiles in anticipation at a fall mock conference for Model UN. His several hours of preparation gives him a confidence boost.

Noah Barnes, Reporter

Abi Sastry is an aspiring doctor that currently goes to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He went to Longfellow Middle School, but because of his desire for a more academically immersing environment, he decided to not go to McLean because he feared he would be too distracted by the social environment.

“I think I wanted a challenge and I wanted to be surrounded by other people who were academically driven like me,” Sastry said.
Sastry has big dreams for the future. He hopes to pursue his dream to go to medical school and become a doctor or a surgeon. He has also recently become interested in film.

“I want to pursue a medical career. I’m also kind of interested in film, like directing movies and that sort of thing. Those are my two main interests,” Sastry said.
Sastry is a very academically driven student, and so far his experience at TJ has been positive. He is struggling a bit with the larger workload and limited free time in his schedule, but he doesn’t regret his choice to go to TJ.

However, Sastry’s high performance environment has led him to adopt a teacher’s pet attitude. His Latin classmate, Sean Choi is especially fed up with Sastry’s antics.

“Abi is a little overbearing to say in the least. He likes to interrupt class sometimes to grace us with knowledge we don’t need. Our teacher adores him to much of the classes dismay,” Choi said.

However, this doesn’t mean that Sastry’s attitude is all bad. His good friend, freshman Rohan Damani stuck up for Sastry.

“Abi’s at TJ so he has to work hard to maintain good grades,” Damani said.