Future ninja flying

Max Feinberg is a young ninja warrior with a great story

Kaan Kocabal, Reporter

Top level Ninja warrior Max Feinberg competes in many competitions, and has been doing parkour since he was 9 and worked out at a gym called Urban Evolution. He practices six days a week for about two and a half hours.

“I consider myself the best 14-year-old in my gym and I hold multiple records such as most rungs on the salmon ladder and youngest to get up the 14 warped wall,” Feinberg said. He is a top level ninja and will attend Ninja Warrior Junior.

Feinberg coaches the competition team at his gym, the competition team is a group of kids who also want to go to Ninja Warrior. Max’s talent allows him to teach kids who are the same age as him and they can look up to Max as their idol.

“I have been to 12 competitions so far this year, and I have more to come,” Feinberg said. “The most money I have won from a single competition is $500.”
In his basement, Fienberg has varieties of obstacles all from different places. He has built a lot of his own holds from wood and metal. Friends` come to his house and just play around.

“In a way they are getting stronger and they’re having fun doing it,” Feinberg said. All his success from competitions has made his name grow around the Ninja community. He wanted to grow in number of fans so he made his own clothing line.

“Before I was on American Ninja Warrior Junior, I came up with the brand AMAXING,” Feinberg said. “I have a line of shirts and hoodies with that logo.”
Feinberg has been on the news a couple of times and a number of articles written about him.

“The most recent being last weekend, I was on the news as a kid who started out like many others but shifted into a more unusual and uncommon sport,” Feinberg said.

Max has a bright future to come on American Ninja Warrior.