Holiday Bazaar brings out community spirit

McLean's annual Holiday Bazaar helps get Highlanders into the Holiday spirit

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Holiday Bazaar brings out community spirit

Ben Brooks, Sports Editor

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McLean High School hosted their annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, allowing guests to shop from a variety of vendors that had set up shop in the lower gym and cafeteria. The event was run by the Athletic Boosters for the High School. Located in the gym was a wide variety of local businesses, including the Tutoring Club of McLean, Oak Lane Soapworks, and Scrubbles Bubbles. 

Freshman Patrick Downey, who helped run a custom baseball stand, found the experience very rewarding. 

“It brings everyone together in the Christmas spirit,” Downey said. While some booths simply came and sold their products, others got in the holiday spirit with Santa hats and Christmas music. 

“You can shop for the holidays… [or] for your family and friends,” Downey said. While many did just that in the gym, the cafeteria was filled with McLean clubs trying to raise money to fund themselves. With McLean clubs such as crew, science olympiads, and McMatics, many Highlanders attended the Bazaar to support and advocate for their clubs.

Trisha Downey, the coordinator for the Holiday Bazaar, found it to be a very rewarding experience for the vendors, the customers, and the Highlander students and athletic programs.

“The most rewarding thing for me running this event is to provide a great shopping experience for the community with an array of items while raising money for my kids teams. It’s a win win situation,” Downey said.

Downey emphasized on the benefit that the bazaar provides to all those involved, whether it be the vendors, the customers, or the boosters themselves.

“The HB brings all kinds of people from the community to shop and spend time together instead of going to the mall. Some folks come to hear the orchestra perform, others have a vendor they like to see and many people are always looking for a unique or different gift for friends,” Downey said. “The bazaar has an excellent array of items for sale which appeals to all ages and genders. Some of the vendors actually went to McLean High School so it’s a great way to come back and help support the school they went to.”

The Holiday Bazaar has been a great way to bring together the town of McLean for many years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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