Doctor Who?

A female doctor makes her debut

Matthew Abbott, Reporter

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A blue police box appears out of nowhere with a whoosh. A mysterious person, who calls themselves the Doctor exits the box and goes to work on fixing any problems that they encounters. This scene instills a sense of nostalgia to which many Doctor Who fans around the world look forward to.
The new season itself is structured so that newcomers don’t feel lost. It does this by not suddenly introducing enemies that the Doctor had faced before, such as the daleks or cybermen.

For those who don’t know, the show Doctor Who focuses on a time traveling alien who goes on adventures with, usually human, companions. As they travel across time and space, they make friends and enemies, alike. With the new season, fans can get more of what they love. And yet, there are those who feel like the new changes that have been made are bad ones.

The controversy of having a female doctor, who is played by Jodie Whittaker, has not gone over well with some doctor who fans. For those who aren’t aware, every time that the Doctor almost dies, they “regenerate” into a new person. This is used to bring in new actors who are chosen to play the doctor for a few seasons, which helps keep the show from going stale. I personally appreciate that they are trying something new in adding a female doctor instead of the traditional male doctor.

Some of the episodes of the new season that I have seen have been somewhat disappointing in its delivery. In several of them, there was a strong political undercurrent that leaned toward a more liberal outlook.

Also, some of the antagonists were very stereotypical; one of them even seemed to be based on Donald Trump. This character portrayed a relentless, power-hunger, American who wanted nothing more than to make money. In this particular episode, he’s even directly compared to Donald Trump.
The worst example of this, by far, however, was in the episode called “Rosa”. The main focus of the episode revolves around Rosa Parks and the pivotal moment where she refuses to give up her seat. The villain of said episode is the epitome of a white racist middle aged man who wants racism to remain rampant within the united states.

This is not the Doctor Who that I remembered watching as I progressed through middle and high school. That Doctor Who didn’t involve politics or politicians. That Doctor Who focused on delivering good stories rather than preaching liberal propaganda. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed Doctor Who in the first place is because it provides a break from the real world and all of its problems.

I can understand why they would want to try and make Doctor Who feel more down to earth and topical. However, one of the main reasons why I enjoy Doctor Who is because it throughly explores the impossible and leaves behind reason and logic.

The companions themselves are pretty lackluster as well. So far, they feel one-dimensional and uninteresting. It also feels like there’s not much emotion being expressed from them, making them feel more like robots than actual people. This makes it hard to feel much sympathy towards them when they are in danger.
It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Some of the locations that they have visited have been interesting, such as a planet where everything is designed to kill you. That particular episode has been my favorite so far because of it’s environment, characters and overall story. Unfortunately, this has been the only episode, so far, that truly felt like a traditional Doctor Who adventure.

Another positive aspect of this new season is how they redesigned the inside of the Tardis, which is the spaceship that the Doctor uses. Throughout the series, it has become a sort of tradition that every time the Doctor regenerates and changes, so too does the inside of the Tardis. The interior has a more natural and crystalline look to it than in previous editions, which looked more rundown and rustic.

The new season has brought with it a storm of changes, both good and bad. If the producers of Doctor Who want to hold onto the majority of their devoted fans, than they should stay out of mainstream politics and focus on producing a fantastical universe full of wondrous imaginings.

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