Rise of the Robotics Club

Robotics club start the school year by building robots and acquiring new members

Kaan Kocabal, Reporter

Robotics club team members will be doing competitions with the club in various locations this school year. The subjects of the competitions are building, programming and documentation.

Seniors Yeon Kim, Andrew Do and Nathaniel Murphy are the club leaders.

“We are conducting interviews for the people who passed the entrance exam,” Kim said. Their yearly goal for this club is to beat TJ and they are hoping that the new team members will help them win.

Pride is a big thing for the Robotics Club. They promote this club in the beginning of the year before competitions and they look for people that are very interested in it.

“The entrance exam is 4 scenarios and you have to build 4 different robots pertaining to each scenario,” Kim said. “Creativity is a very important quality in a candidate.”

The Robotics club doesn’t have room to work in.

“We have about 20 members, We don’t have a club room so we have to take our club parts and go to someone’s house and make a shop,” Kim said. “All the seniors are willing to teach and coach the younger kids who have less experience.”

The Robotics club teaches students a lot and heightens their intellectual abilities.

“I have had growth in my intellectual capabilities,” Do said. “In my first year, I didn’t really do anything.”

“I learned how to listen to other people and try to put different opinions together to build the best robot,” Kim said.

 The club teaches problem solving and how things don’t always go to plan.

 “This was a good opportunity for me to expand my coding,” Kim said.