Bright minds of McLean disect pieces of literature

Monthly book club currently reading The Eyes of the Dragon

Josh Bass, Reporter

In the spirit of October, students are reading The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King as a part of the Book Club.

Book Club members read one book per month and students meet on the third Thursday of the month to discuss. Club coordinators focus on keeping the environment friendly, without any correlation or similarity to a classroom.

“We don’t want it like a classroom–we just want an open discussion. How the students interpret it–lots of times the students link it to other books they’ve read that remind them of something. But nothing formal,” said head librarian Joan McCarthy, co-moderator of Book Club discussions.

Book Club coordinators have seen noticeable changes in students who’ve actively participated in the club.

“The more you read, studies have consistently shown, higher SAT and ACT scores,” McCarthy said.

Additionally, colleges have been noticeably impressed by the Book Club experience.

“[Book Club] looks really good on your college resume. And oftentimes, when you’re interviewed, [students] have come back and said, ‘Oh, [colleges] were asking what books we have read and books we like.’ And so they do read your resume and so it is something they do pick up on,” McCarthy said. The Book Club also features student co-moderators, such as junior Dasha Makarishcheva.

“You get to learn a lot about a lot of different subjects. Last year we read about Trevor Noah, and we read The Refugees. We learn a lot about a lot of different topics,” Markarishcheva said.