McWelcomers prepare for transfer students

McWelcomers club kicks off with a student social in November.

Noah Barnes, Reporter

A transfer student social is approaching in November. It is organized by the McWelcomers to help transfer students feel at home in McLean.

“I think just the idea of supporting transfer students is a really good idea for the school when we talk about safety and connectedness,” said counselor Brooke Dalrymple, sponsor of the McWelcomers.

The McWelcomers helps new transfer students get acclimated to the school and find new friends. It also helps them academically.

“It’s hard for students to transition to this county because it has very robust graduation requirements, and this club helps them know how to hit all the graduation requirements,” Dalrymple said.

The club also hosts social events to give away tickets to football games for free, and for transfer students to make new friends. One is hosted in November and another is hosted in February.

“It’s like a transfer student social where we raffle off McLean swag and give away tickets to games, and we also invite McWelcomers to come,” Dalrymple said.

Each McWelcomer is paired up with a transfer student and they eat lunch together. Eating lunch may be a little frightening for new students, as they don’t know everyone yet. McWelcomers invite the transfer student to eat lunch with them and their friends so they won’t have to sit alone.

“No one wants to eat lunch alone,” Dalrymple said.

McWelcomers show students around the school, and they have a checklist so they know to hit all the benchmark locations, like the main office, counselors and the cafeteria. McWelcomer trainings were held in the past, but a hectic schedule led to that being thrown aside.

The McWelcomer is simple to join. Dalrymple sends a sign-up email to all McLean students. The club is open for students of all different backgrounds and skills.

“I would hope that this club is unique because by helping out transfer students, we’re helping out the school as a whole,” Dalrymple said.