DECA prepares for districts

McLean's marketing club gets ready for the years's major competitions


Maya Amman, reporter

DECA members are preparing for their district competition coming up in November in Fairfax County. 

“The biggest difference from other clubs that I have been in is that you have to be in a marketing class to part take in this club,”  said senior Elinor Frothingham, former DECA president.

”The purpose of this club is to give students a background and an opportunity to step out and learn more about entrepreneurship, management, hospitality and finance,” said marketing teacher Debra Fargo, co-sponsor of DECA.

Students gain a variety of valuable skills by participating in DECA.

“This club has taught me how to apply the marketing skills that I have learned. I have made business plans and I have really improved in my public speaking skills,” Frothingham said.

   DECA is going to participate in three major competitions this year. They have districts in November, states in March, and nationals in late April in Orlando, Florida. The club had 135 members last year, and they are still accepting applications for this year. You don’t need any experience to join.

“When they join, all they need is a desire for marketing.  DECA has people, freshmen through seniors, gain a newfound confidence,” Fargo said.

  DECA raises all of its own money through  fundraisers.

“ We have many trips across the east coast, so we have to raise a lot of money,” Frothingham said.

The club does not meet after school, but occasionally the officers will meet near competition dates.

DECA is a unique kind of club.

“DECA is unique because when people join they choose the level in which they want to be involved, and everybody gets a different thing out of it,”  Fargo said.

When students join DECA, they learn to enhance more than just competing, but things that will help the further excel in the future.

“DECA is not only about competition. Our symbol is a diamond with a four prong system that supports academics, leadership and community service as well.”