Feminist club fights for equality

Feminist club will be focusing on women in politics this November

Matthew Zarkani, Reporter

Women in politics will be the feminist club’s first topic of study this November. Every quarter they focus on four different themes.

“The club is beneficial for those who join, because it allows those who are outspoken, but have strong opinions to share,” said German teacher “Frau” Karen Wolpert, sponsor of feminist club.

The club meets every Tuesday, for 30 to 45 minutes. It starts with a Power point, then a discussion opens up to the class. The meetings are run by the club president, senior Kimya Shirazi.

“I order the pizza, I provide the laptop and the LCD projector. The leadership of this club is amazing,” Wolpert said.

Boys are encouraged to join the club.

“We like guys, We would like more politically active men to join”, Wolpert said.