Annual PSAT memes


Jack Stenzel, Sports Editor

With every school year, there is a Practice SAT (PSAT) test that is administered to freshman and sophomores as well as juniors who decide to take it. With every PSAT, there is a downpour of memes (comedic pictures or trendy phrases, usually derived from popular culture) that flood social media. This year has been no exception.

It’s worth noting that the test administrators, College Board, include a clause in the PSAT that says that test takers may not share any information regarding the test online which every student must sign. Despite the policy, recent years have marked the PSAT as a creative source of student comedy. The magic is that hundreds of thousands of students take the same test with the same problems. This allows each question and scenario in the test to be manipulated by anybody and received as one big inside joke.

“#PSAT” started trending on Twitter with over 29,000 tweets only 11 minutes after the test had been completed at McLean High School.
The memes for the PSAT started Tuesday night, where many voiced there excitement over what has proven to be a student ritual.
For the most part, the memes revolved around certain situations that were used in specific questions. Here students play off the question that pertained to a passage about the growth of tomatoes as well as a series of questions related to a passage on organization and creativity.
College Board pitched in when it published its own meme to its Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, although with a very different purpose in mind.