McDance-a-Thon plans for an even more successful year

Club plans to exceed last year’s goal in raising money for Children’s Miracle Network

Addie Brown, Reporter

McDance-a-Thon is a club dedicated to raising money for cancer research with a fun-filled night this spring that anyone can attend.  Members of the club are already preparing for this year’s all-night event.

“It’s going pretty well so far; the co-presidents are very involved,” sponsor Bridget Donoghue said.

Right now, the club only meets once a week, but when it gets closer to spring active members will meet more often, since the club members have to plan a whole night by themselves.

“The club raises money for cancer research. We donate all the money to a local hospital so we know where the money is going to,” Donoghue said.

Last year, McDance-a-thon, led by history teacher Dylan Wedan, raised $32,695.71 for the Children’s Miracle Network, $7,000 over their goal. The students are still in the process of setting a goal and date for this year’s event. It’s all run by Highlander students, with Donoghue aiding with advice and insight.

“It’s a good way to take on leadership roles. There’s a bunch of subcommittees within the club where students lead others. They learn organization, planning, and leadership, the members do it all.” Donoghue said.

Students who are interested can sign up for the club by adding their email to the email list. They can do this by going to Mrs Donoghue’s classroom, B176, and following the instructions on the board. Once they do this, they can get all the information regarding the club.

“Anyone can go to the meetings. We plan the games and fundraising we do at the dance usually every Thursday after school,” Donoghue said.