A Guide to Coffee in McLean

Where to go and where to avoid for a good cup of coffee

Coffee plays a key role in some students’ lives; it allows us to pay alert attention in school and stay up late to complete homework outside of school. I decided to try four popular coffee shops around the McLean area directly after school, the prime time to drink coffee, to tell you which ones have the best service, ambiance, and coffee.

Cafe Amouri

When you walk into Cafe Amouri you will notice two things; the impressive wall of classic rock records that range from the Grateful Dead to Bob Dylan, and the immense amount of people on their computers and phones doing work. The cafe is a strange mix of worn-down furniture and colorful decorations, together creating a confused atmosphere with no clear aesthetic in mind. There was no line when I entered the cafe, so I was immediately able to order a medium iced coffee with room for milk. My order took all of thirty seconds and after I received the coffee I went into the cafe’s second room to choose the type of add-ins I wanted. The coffee tasted slightly sour but was pretty standard for an iced coffee. There was nothing special about the flavor but at the same time there was nothing objectively bad about it. Overall Cafe Amouri has okay coffee and a confused ambience, I give the cafe 6/10 stars.


The Starbucks in McLean is notorious for being packed with students after school, and the day I went to review the coffee it was no exception. When I first walked in, the line to order was almost at the door and people were packed into the left side of the room, waiting for their names to be called to receive their order. Inside the decorations are minimal except for the counter, where winter-themed decorations match the festive drink choices recently added to the menu. After I ordered my coffee it took about five minutes to be made; meanwhile, I stood with seven other people waiting. The coffee itself was smooth with chocolate undertones that feel velvety in your mouth. Overall, this Starbucks is a 7/10 due to the waiting period and general crowding of the store.


Greenberry’s has an airy, open feel with seating options both inside and outside. It is in the same strip-mall as the McLean Giant, tucked into a corner on the right side of the parking lot. The counter is full of pastries, drinks and sandwiches that range from croissants to egg wraps for a customer to choose from. When I walked in, every table inside was taken by a thirty year old with kids; however, I was able to order immediately despite the general crowd because there was no line to the counter. The service was very quick; my drink actually came out as I was paying for it. From there I walked to the cart they had set up for add-ins and added a splash of whole milk to my coffee. The coffee was rich and smooth and definitely a lot stronger than some of the other coffees in this review. If you enjoy strong coffee, this place is definitely for you. Overall, I give this place 9/10 stars.

Peet’s Coffee

The difficulty of finding a parking spot at this Peet’s Coffee is not justified by their bland coffee. When you turn in from route seven you will notice that the parking spots are marked with metal plates telling customers which spot is delegated for which store. This would not be a problem if there wasn’t a single line of spots in front of the store, with only about three reserved for Peet’s Coffee on the side, making the parking experience extremely difficult. When you walk into the store, Peet’s Coffee has an open feel with dark-gray walls and chestnut colored floors, giving the room a darker feel than the other coffee shops. There was no line when ordering and minimal people inside at the long tables that are set up around the edges of the room. It took the coffee about a minute to be prepared and when it was ready they did not call out my name which I found strange. The coffee was extremely milky, so much so that it was hard to determine what the coffee part of the drink actually tasted like. This place ranks a 3/10, the parking was difficult and the coffee was not done properly.