TheatreMcLean attends the Cappies

Winter production Claudio Quest wins three awards

Courtesy of Aashna Kapur
The Kennedy Center welcomes the commencement of the Cappies.

TheatreMcLean celebrated the success of their winter production Claudio Quest at the Cappies Gala, held at The Kennedy Center, on June 12th.

“[The Cappies] is a student-driven critic review program,” theater director Phillip Reid said. “The Cappies critics go watch the shows and write reviews, and at the end of the year they vote on the shows they’ve seen. Then, there are awards at The Kennedy Center.”

TheatreMcLean received 12 nominations, including ones for both acting and behind-the-scenes work, as well as Best Song and Best Musical. McLean won in three categories: “Platypus Heart” won Best Song, senior Idil Erdogan won Best Comic Actor in a Musical for her portrayal of the character Bruiser, and the sound team won Best Sound.

“I was ecstatic and so proud because it takes a lot to put out [a production], and everyone did an amazing job,” Reid said. “It was so exciting.”

While attending the Cappies, the cast of Claudio Quest performed the song “Platypus Heart” for The Kennedy Center audience.

“Everyone was really excited to get an opportunity to jump back and do it again,” said junior Valentina Sedan, cohead of makeup and a member of the Claudio Quest ensemble. “It was a black box musical, and we didn’t have half the room of what we had [at The Kennedy Center], so we had to make sure our story translated onto the big stage.”

Stepping foot on the stage to receive awards proved to be a surreal and rewarding experience for all members.

“I was not expecting to hear my name called at all, so it was a pleasant surprise,” Erdogan said. “I really love Claudio Quest, and I was proud of my work as Bruiser, so it was quite rewarding to be recognized for it. It’s a really awesome way to finish my high school theater experience.”

The hard work from the members of the sound crew was also formally recognized as soon as they were called up to receive the award for Best Sound.

“It didn’t really hit until we got off stage, but when I was up there, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling,” said junior Megan Wright, head of special effects. “Claudio Quest was a huge undertaking for everyone involved, and being recognized on stage at The Kennedy Center for all the work that went into the show was amazing.”

Attending the Cappies wrapped up the production’s success, from the dedication put into perfecting every detail, to the many emotions experienced throughout the entire process.

“We don’t just tell really good stories, we tell stories that you may not see a lot of,” Reid said. “We don’t just put out good work, we put out meaningful work, and that’s what we pride ourselves in.”