McLean vs Langley Varsity Baseball Livestream

On April 24, McLean and Langley clashed once again in the newest chapter of the hometown rivalry. This time, the battle was waged on the baseball field, with the Highlanders looking to defend their turf against the invading Saxons.

Both teams were coming into the game with defensive woes, from errors in the field to poor pitching performances. The game was decided by which team’s offense could find their groove, each side prioritizing aggressive base running and big swings to the gaps in the outfield.

McLean managed to take a 16-15 victory, particularly thanks to solid batting by senior Jakob Luu and sophomore Ethan Ball. Senior outfielder Christopher Morabito had a solid defensive game, and sophomore pitcher Daniel Alexander Gonzalez proved to give the Saxons issues when he was on the mound.

For more on the game, check out our live commentary of the entire match, presented by Ty Goss and Thomas Ham.