FCPS provides students with online tutoring

Tutor.com provides readily available resources for students

Tutor.com is an online studying platform that is offered on every Schoology page. It provides a variety of resources that can aid students in excelling in their courses. Students have a wide range of options available to them, each of which being extremely helpful in assisting students to comprehend and do well with the content that has been provided to them.
When students go to any class page on Schoology, they will find Tutor.com all the way to the left side of the page. On the website, students will find a way to immediately connect with a tutor, a way to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a tutor, a way to submit a paper for review, a place to take practice tests for any subject and SAT/ACT prep, and helpful videos to better understand their subject.
Many individuals have reported that using Tutor.com has resulted in significant improvements in their academic performance.
“I have definitely seen a major change in my grades because, over time, I’ve had the opportunity to receive help whenever I needed it,” senior Layla Bizri said.
Students can find a tutor who is a better fit for their particular requirements by searching through a large pool of available professionals. If students are having difficulty with a specific topic, they can look for a tutor who specializes in the area in which they need assistance.
“Tutoring gives me a resource with which to interact with students directly and teach them the way I wish my teachers taught me,” said Mr. Guillermo in his Tutor.com employee biography.
There are other educational opportunities available besides working with the provided tutors. There are an abundance of study methods available for every subject and topic. Students can, for instance, participate in practice examinations covering thirteen distinct subject areas and more than one hundred individual subtopics, all available on Tutor.com.
If students are concerned about an essay that is due in the near future and they have already written it, they can hand it over to professionals to have them read it over and edit it so that it is ready to be submitted.
The vast majority of McLean students are unaware of this valuable resource, despite the fact that it may be precisely what they require to achieve their academic goals.
“I hope people learn about this resource and how many different tutors they offer because they do offer tutors for every single AP and also for every single course out there,” said Bizri.