Girls varsity basketball hold on to advance to district finals

Highlanders prevail over Griffins in critical post season win

Timeout called by Marshall with 34 seconds left.

After a regular season record of 14-7 and one playoff win under their belt, the McLean girls basketball team did not come to mess around for their game against Marshall on Feb. 15. Going in with confidence, the girls had already defeated Marshall in two games during the regular season.

The first quarter started out choppy and low-scoring. After McLean won the initial tip-off, the ball was stolen by Marshall, though it did not lead to any points being scored. McLean did not have any luck landing their shots and had several missed opportunities for passes that could have led to a higher score. By the end of the quarter, the score was 10-6 in favor of Marshall.

Despite their initial slow start, the second quarter jump-started McLean’s passing and shooting game, erasing any past stale energy that was prevalent in the first quarter. Sophomore Tatum Olson was able to score multiple three-point shots that helped the Highlanders build up their lead.

After a timeout at the 3:50 mark called by Marshall, numerous fouls were made by Marshall causing Olson and sophomore Alyssa Evans to end up on the floor. The first half ended in multiple unsuccessful shooting attempts by Marshall, with McLean leading 28-22.

The McLean girls started with the ball in the second half, but they had difficulty landing a shot. Soon, though, the Highlanders were able to find their groove again, sinking their shots and hitting smart passes. With about one minute left, senior Shushan Krikorian stole the ball from Marshall and sent the pass up to Olson for an easy layup. The third quarter ended 32-26 in favor of McLean.

For the final quarter of the game, Marshall started with the ball, quickly making a layup. However they were met with McLean’s defense and the quick pace they started out with was thoroughly shut down.

Near the end of the fourth quarter, the pressure started to amp up; the previously quiet gym lit up as fans on both sides started cheering and yelling at the refs as the game neared its end.

Within the last two minutes of the game, McLean was ahead by seven points and Marshall was playing an extremely tight defense. After adjusting to the quick play of the game, McLean was able to maintain its lead. Because of this, Marshall called three full timeouts and fouled twice in the last minute.

Despite Marshall’s best efforts McLean made all four of their foul shots, winning the game 43-38. The Highlanders will fight for the district title at Langley on Feb. 17 in the rivals’ third game of the season.