Girls varsity basketball topples Herndon

Highlander hold on to defeat Hornets at home

Rounding out the first round of conference play, the Highlanders squared off against Herndon at home on Jan. 17. McLean came into the game after important wins over Yorktown and Washington-Liberty, bouncing back after a shaky return from winter break.

The game started uncharacteristically slow, with neither team’s defense showing significant weaknesses. Shots weren’t falling on either side of the court, though each team was more than willing to crash the boards and attack the paint as best they could.

The second quarter showed signs of improvement for both teams, particularly the Highlander offense. Buckets started pouring in, especially from the midrange, and with McLean’s defense holding firm against a Herndon squad that seemed dedicated to taking poor shots, the Highlanders developed a decent lead by halftime.

As has been the case throughout many of the Highlanders’ games, the third quarter was a peak of the match. Sophomore Tatum Olson and senior Kara Bremser specifically had fantastic offensive performances, making it rain with threes and threatening midrange shots that Herndon struggled to stifle. Still, Herndon’s offense had clearly made adjustments, and their patient ball movement started netting them layups that kept them competitive.

Despite not having momentum for most of the game, Herndon rallied late, closing the gap to single digits in the fourth quarter. However, it was too little, too late; McLean played patiently, making sure not to foul on defense while continuously moving the ball on offense. Their self control closed out the game with a 51-41 victory.

McLean will look to defend their home court once again on Jan. 24, where the Highlanders seek revenge against the Saxons in the second round of the McLean-Langley rivalry.