McLean JV Girls Basketball team blows out Langley

McLean JV Girls basketball team blew out Langley’s team by almost 40 points!


Mary Johnson shooting guard looking to score against the Saxons.

The McLean girls JV basketball team had a successful season this year, including a 32-2 win against Oakton High School and a 42-3 win against the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. The team also made their mark against the Langley Saxons, McLean’s crosstown rivals, with a 54-31 victory coming early in the season.

“There are so many strengths that this team has shown this season. They are fast, aggressive, hungry for loose balls and just love the game of basketball. They take initiative and show leadership out on the court. They are hard-working and work really well as a team unit,” head coach Michelle Sims said.

McLean’s extraordinary defense constantly left their opponents with a lack of true offensive production, and it remained that way moving into their matchup with the Saxons.

“As a team, our defense is insane,” sophomore Zara Hasan said. “In the second half of the [second Langley] game, we were able to stop them so well that they were only able to score around 3 baskets the entire half, with a total of only 11 points the entire game.”

The team tried to replicate its strategies from winning games, a move that helped the team cement so many victories in just one season. But even with technique on their side, the team faced the same performance pressures many other players experience.

“Going into the Langley games, we all had a ton of anticipation and nervousness because we weren’t sure how it was going to end up since we were rivals, but everyone showed up with a lot of energy and determination,” sophomore guard Kayla Fraser said.

The Highlanders blew Langley out of the water with a 49-11 win. Fans were not allowed to be present in the stands to observe the blowout due to the COVID restrictions that were in place at the time.

“I definitely understand why fans aren’t allowed because of COVID risks, but it would have been super fun to have more people watching,” sophomore guard Lainey Mallard said.

The team is looking to finish off their amazing season by continuing their record of dominating victories.

“This team has been extremely fun to coach and watch on the court. They have a huge passion and energy for the game and have a very big competitive drive to them. I have appreciated their hunger for the game and ability to listen, adapt and grow as the season has gone on,” Coach Sims said.