Should individuals really be protesting?

With the streets filled with protestors, many are forgetting to take precaution for the Corona Virus


Wikimedia Commons

the streets are flooded with protestors holding up posters supporting BLM

Paarth Soni, Online Sports Editor

The death of George Floyd has sparked the nation wide, Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The streets are filled with individuals who are fed up with the inequality that lies in this nation and protesting to bring justice to the death of Floyd. Social Media is blowing up as everyone from teenagers to celebrities are speaking out on the injustice towards African Americans. 

“A change is needed in the U.S. and protesting is the only way to spread awareness on the situation,” said Einmon Tha, sophomore at McLean High school. Many students from McLean are taking part in protests in Washington D.C.. A protest was also held on Wednesday, June 10th at McLean High, so parents and students can come out and freely practice their first amendment right. 

“The protests are definitely something that are country needs right now but I’m still scared that I might catch Corona from going to them,” Tha said.

Although protesting is needed in order to bring a change, many have not taken into consideration that there is still a pandemic and that they are risking their lives as well as their family members. Currently Virginia is only in phase one which only permits group gatherings of ten or less people. However protests consist of hundreds to thousands people and everyone is usually very close to each other.

So far everyone has been in quarantine for 3 months and the number of cases has only recently started to drop. It’s unfortunate to see all this time spent locked up at home gone to waste as the cases are most likely about to skyrocket in a few weeks. Many have to understand that although protesting is needed at this time, they are only making the quarantine process longer. It is very important that people remain in their homes to reduce the spread of the virus.